Chimmi's *NEW* Extra Hot - Habanero Restaurant Edition - 355mL


Now in bigger 355mL size!

Note: orders of this product will be slightly delayed as it is just in the process of being packaged and labeled. 


A new addition to the Chimmi's Family, specially crafted for your favorite restaurants and eateries.  If you already crave the delicious flavors of Chimmi's Hot Sauz, then you're about to become completely addicted to our extra-hot habanero spinoff!  This special reserve hot sauce is hand made in small batches with all-natural ingredients just like our original Chimmi's recipe, but with the distictively delicious heat level and flavor that can only come from fresh habanero peppers.  Dip, drizzle, or slather Chimmi's Extra Hot on pretty much anything.

Ingredients:  Canola oil, white vinegar, habanero, red onion, herbs, salt, garlic, spices.*


*Note that while our products do not have any gluten-containing ingredients, we cannot guarantee that the product is gluten-free due to potential cross contamination of spices at their original production facility. We make every effort to avoid all other sources of gluten.


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